||~ *‘’ Happy Birthday unnie Wafaa ..!!‘’*~||

Today a special day cuz today is my sister “Wafaaakaforro-dono” .. that’s why i’m here

to thank u to be born in this life … for being with me in every step that i take

to give me ur shoulders to lay on .. i wish to u to live a long and a happy and healthy life

unniebe happy .. don’t cry .. just smile .. and always be healthy

I love you …

and ||*{ Happy Birthday}*|| For ya ..

unnie..Saranghae ^^


2 thoughts on “||~ *‘’ Happy Birthday unnie Wafaa ..!!‘’*~||

  1. عفر كل عام وانتين بالف خير توني استوعب معنى اسمكم

    وفاء = w
    سوبر = su
    مريم = m
    جونير = ju
    زهره = z

    ماتحسون اني اكتشفت الذره ههههههههههههه

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