“~” New day New kind of lonliness I want to smile “~”

I don’t know why but your sad face make me Cry ..

and i feel so lonely ..

No matter what happen .. i didn’t know how to smile again ..

Cuz of you .. i kept it inside of me all this time ..

But now i wont hide it ..

Even if we are don’t know each other well ..

but let me say this ..!!

Super junior become my family .. my lost smile ..

my tears .. my happiness..

whatever going to happen i’ll love Super junior until I die ..

Sungmin-oppa ~

For today and for tomorrow ..

i’m hating myself cuz i didn’t know about you earlier …

I fall in love with after engaged ><

made me feel Sorry on myself …

Now you make Crazy about you ..

feeling Sad if i didn’t see you even once per a day …

So now i’m waiting for your new show "oppa band "~

I love you Even if you didn’t know about me ..

and i don’t have any right to ask for your love ..

Sungmin-oppa I LOVE you ..

Super Junior Saranghaeyo ~

I’ll be with Super Junior Forever ..

My Wishes of all the best to you .. and always STAY Healthy ~~..


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